Mindspan Brand Communications

Mindspan is a specialized Brand guidance Design Studio, that exists to guide companies in strategically planning, developing and positioning their Brands in the relevant target market.

Our services include:

Mango Mania

Design and development of  Woodburry as a brand was executed by Mindspan. It was positioned as Dagshai's first premium residential project combining the charm of an old hill town with the modern amenities offered by Woodburry.


Mango Mania

Hygen Agro is a Punjab based company into manufacturing of fruit juices. Our team conceptualized the name “Mango Mania”, of the the proposed mango drink and designed the packaging of the product as well.

The drink had to be positioned clearly as a pure mango drink, hence the use of yellow color. The bright packaging lends an immediate identification of the product being a mango drink and also adds a refreshing tinge which catches the eye and promises to quench thirst in this sultry Indian summer season.

So drink it up with Mango Mania.

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